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Knoxville bankruptcy lawyer Justin Brackett and Maryville bankruptcy lawyer Brent Strunkboth practiced bankruptcy law at other offices prior to creating Brackett & Strunk, PLLC.  We decided to build a boutique firm so that we may service the broader needs of debtors.  Understanding that not everyone in debt needs to file bankruptcy, we now focus on representing consumers in disputing debts, negotiating settlements and filing for bankruptcy relief.  We take a hands-on approach with each client, reviewing their budget and analyzing their individual needs. 


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“Brackett and Strunk treated me like family. They are very friendly and easy to work with.”
— Rita- Knoxville
“Brackett and Strunk kept working for us even after our bankruptcy was completed! They stopped the harrassing creditors and helped us understand how to rebuild our credit.
— Catalina- Knoxville
“Fast, efficient, friendly and affordable. I refer Brackett and Strunk to everyone who needs help with their debts.”
— Jo- Knoxville
“I think very highly of them. Brackett and Strunk are very professional and helpful.”
— John- Oliver Springs


About Us

Justin Brackett 

was born and raised in Madisonville, which is south of Knoxville in Monroe County. Growing up on a farm, Justin understands the value of hard work and applies it to his legal practice. He truly believes that Americans have rights and they should take every opportunity possible to become educated about their rights so they can stand up for themselves.

Brent Strunk

 was born and raised in Helenwood, which is north of Knoxville in Scott County. The son of a coal miner, Brent knows firsthand that big business will take all they can from the working class. He believes in a strong middle class and wants to reach out to fellow Americans who are down.


Justin and Brent know how it feels to struggle with debt and understand what you are going through. As UT graduates, they know that when something needs to be done, it should be done right the first time. As first generation attorneys, they know how important it is to work hard for every one of their clients and they appreciate each one of them. Call today to schedule your free consultation!